Health Care Management Majors

Health Care Management Majors

The field of health care management is expanding with more opportunities opening up than ever. But it’s not only doctors and nurses that will benefit from a career in healthcare management. There are other majors that are equally relevant, such as business administration, nursing, and even information technology. A Bachelor’s degree in health care management is the first step toward administrative positions in hospitals and medical centers. You can even pursue an accelerated master’s pathway to earn a Master of Healthcare Administration in one year.

Students in a healthcare program will gain insight into the legal and ethical standards in healthcare. They will also study government policies and healthcare management, including human resource, capital investment, and materials management. This education prepares students for careers in an increasingly in-demand field. Whether you want to work for a government agency or in a healthcare organization, a major in health care management will help you build the skills and experience you need to lead and manage an organization.

In addition to practical knowledge, healthcare management majors will develop the necessary skills to navigate the complex world of healthcare. Some roles within this field include healthcare department manager, physician practice manager, and finance manager. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase in employment opportunities for healthcare management professionals by 32% from now to 2029. As for salaries, a healthcare manager can earn an average of $115,160 annually. If you’re interested in a health care management degree, contact a university in your area and learn more about its programs.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in health care management should consider earning a B.S. in Business Administration (BBA). This program offers students a well-rounded education that prepares them for career opportunities in both the public and private sector. By choosing a health care management major, you will be prepared for a variety of jobs, including those in hospitals, public health services, and health care systems. So, what’s next?

Healthcare management careers are lucrative and exciting. You’ll receive a competitive salary and strong job growth, making this field an excellent choice for aspiring healthcare professionals. However, you may need an MBA or an advanced degree to move up the corporate ladder. For more advanced positions in the industry, you may want to get a master’s degree in health care management. You can even get paid to do this! There are many other benefits to becoming a healthcare manager!

Healthcare management careers are also lucrative, with the number of jobs in this field expected to grow 32 percent over the next decade. Health care managers earn salaries that are far above the national average. The median salary for a healthcare management major in the U.S. in May of 2020 was $104,280. In addition to a good job outlook, health care management majors have many career options. They may also earn higher salaries than average.

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